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A Night at the Movies: Live Free or Die Hard

My first reaction when I saw a preview for the fourth movie in the Die Hard franchise was “No they didn’t!!!”  After seeing the movie tonight, I have to say – Oh, Yes they did!!!  If you are looking to see the movie – don’t worry, there are no spoilers here, you can keep reading.

The Bad – there is a lot of language in this movie.  It carries a PG-13 rating but most everything but the “F-Word” was used many times.

The Rest -  If you took the first three movies, put them in a blender and added some adrenalin – this is what you would get!  It was over the top with the action scenes – most of them are so over the top that they go a step beyond unrealistic and move right in to ‘who-cares-that-this-could-never-happen-that-was-freakin-awesome!’  They had just enough references to the earlier movies to satisfy the Die Hard fan’s pallet, leaving no great line unsaid.  The visual affects were great, and the comedy was dead on for the Die Hard genre.

If you didn’t enjoy the first Die Hard (what’s wrong with you?), then don’t bother with this one.  If you loved the first movie, liked the second, and didn’t bother with the third – you should go see this movie.  If you already own the box set for the first three, you should stop reading this and head to your closest theater now!

Two thumbs up, five stars, would (and might) see it again.

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