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Time with Grandpa

I should have posted this months ago, but I got busy and let it drop off in my drafts. I’m posting it now so that I will be able to look back someday and remember…

When I was in NC for my ten year reunion, I stayed at my Grandpa house. We were there for over a week and I had to work the whole week. I was connected over VPN and able to get a lot of my normal job functions done despite being thousands of miles away from the office. In the middle of one of my work days, Grandpa came up to me looking pretty curious and asked a few questions:

Grandpa – “So, where do you work again?”

Me – “{large bank I’ll leave unnamed}”

Grandpa – “Are they pretty big? Are they all the way out here in North Carolina or just over in Arizona?”

Me – “They are global – so yeah, they’re big”

Grandpa – “So… how are you working on computers when you aren’t even in the office?”

Me – “I’m working remotely over the internet”

Grandp – “I just don’t see how you can fix computers when you aren’t anywhere near them…”

I enjoyed the time I spent there, for the most part it was very quiet.