Zander sayings…

Just a few of the recent things Zander has said:

“My nose is falling down” – referring to a runny nose
“bye-bye uckies” – while flushing the toilet (we broke him of saying “I love you, uckies” at the same time)
“but the sun is up” – in protest to nap time
“that’s not my choices” – when he doesn’t like the choices we give him
“now my abc’s” – instead of “now I know my abc’s” while singing the alphabet
“I want to go to NEW church” – after he moved to a new class in church (its in a different building)
“who let the dogs out, who, who, who let the cats out” – after watching Shrek the movie (the song is at the end after the credits – he added cats after I said – what about the cats Zander”

My recent favorite:

“can’t wait for Lexi!” – referring to his soon coming baby sister