D-Tour 2007: Glendale, AZ to Del Rio, TX

Day 6: On the Road again!

Today I reached the half way point in El Paso. I started my day at about 4:45am and finished at about 1:30pm. I rode a total of 85 miles today! In all, I’ve put about 380 miles on the bike. Ok, some of you might be thinking, 1000 mile trip, half way point should equal 500 miles – but it doesn’t. Remember, I already planned to lose miles at some of the steeper climbs, plus day 2 cost me about 30 miles due to rough roads. And don’t forget, I took a much needed day off yesterday.

Anyway, I knew going into this that I wasn’t going to roll into Del Rio with 1000 miles on the bike. I’m going to be happy with whatever the final number turns out to be. I mean, how could I not — I rode my bicycle 85 miles today! I’m having a blast, my legs are stronger than ever, I feel great, and although its a wicked farmers tan, I am getting dark. I only need to work on the tall and hansom part…

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Awesome! You go Dale. I am very proud of you and this is something you will talk about forever. I’m glad you are doing so great, and it’s a blast reading your updates. Be Safe,

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