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Alaska Trip: Day 4 – Quick Ports, Sinus Infection

The BoatToday we had three port stops – each for very short time frames (less than an hour); just enough time for Jeremy to take Kyleigh for a walk. The first stop was Ketchekin – we grabbed some groceries so we could avoid paying the boat prices for food and we also grabbed breakfast from a local restaurant to go. Grocery StoreThe second stop (Petersburg) had nothing open or within walking distance, the third port (Wrangle) had a small restaurant, which we didn’t have time to eat at but some of our new friends from the boat did risk eating at. After walking with Jeremy and Kyleigh for a while, I decided to stop into the restaurant to talk to John, Jeremy and Hailey – which turned out to almost cost me big! They were waiting to pay the check and when they finished we noticed there weren’t any cars left pulling onto the boat – we had lost track of the time and the boat doesn’t wait for people due to port costs – so we ran to the peer, where we were told that boarding was closed! As it turns out the peer staff does have a sense of humor and was pulling our chains.

On DeckOther than the peer stops, we spent much of the day setting on the observation deck – occasionally stepping out on the deck to grab a few pictures but getting back inside quickly because it was getting very cold. My sinuses started kicking in fierce – I developed a sinus headache that rated an 8 on a 1 to 10 and my nose was completely clogged so I spent most of the day breathing through my mouth – which is miserable.

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Hey Bro, as you guys ran towards the ferry entrance, I told the staff to tell you it was closed…nice little joke…except it would have sucked to drive two cars in Haines. :)

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