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Weekly Update…

I’ve updated the weekly update section.  I hate to know that I’m three weeks behind.  I gained several pounds during those three weeks, but when I weighted yesterday, I was only half a pound up from the last time I officially weighted in.  It is time to stop looking back and start looking forward.  I have three weeks before my reunion.  If I maintain my two pound a week weight loss goal, I will be 284 lbs.  That’s not the 274 lbs. I had hoped for but its better than the 330 lbs I was at my heaviest.  I haven’t been riding my bike much lately, but I really feel that my biggest reason for not losing weight is my diet.  I keep making goals to write down everything that I eat, but I have continued to fall short here.  I haven’t done a bod pod test in a while either.  The main reason I suppose is that I haven’t been looking forward to the results.  I will get one next week.  I must not stop looking at my weight goals, my diet goals, my exercise goals because I missed the mark – if I do, then I will stop trying to hit the mark.  I will push forward, I will continue to push myself, I will lose weight…

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Hey Dale!

Keep your chin up. Persistence is your friend. I am really proud of your resolve. Everyone has weeks where they get into the “I just can’t care right now mode”. When life gives you a few kicks (busy schedule, etc.) kick it back! You’re doing great!!! I love reading your blog! Love you! –Sis

Something is happening in the Spirit—be encouraged! Some of our most “unbelievable” prayers are being answered even now in the heavenlies. It’s been quite a ride lately. I have been hearing of similar scenarios going on with others in the “trenches”. The harder it gets the more the enemy keeps fighting. I thank God everyday we persist in the faith is another day closer to the enemy’s demise. He is totally defeated now; He will meet His ultimate punishment soon. Revelation is very clear about that… PRAISE GOD!!

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