When asked if Health Care was a privilege, a right, or a responsibility, Obama said in Tuesday night’s debate that health care was a right.  A Right!  The Bill of Rights that our nation demanded be included before we would ratify the Constitution was apparently one bill short.  Unbelievable!

Both Obama and McCain have tax plans that would make almost 45% of the American people have zero tax liability.  I learned something in high school that I will never forget – if you don’t pay for it, you won’t respect it.  More than one of my fellow students that had cars bought for them totaled their car.  My class mates that paid for their own cars not only didn’t drive recklessly around town until the car was totaled, they took care of the car.  I saw brand new cars smashed up while old clunkers were waxed and polished.

How can we have almost half of all Americans paying nothing while the rest foot the bill?  How is it that people defaulting in their home loans are being told – don’t worry about it, you will get to keep your house, the rest of us will pay for it.  How is it that while 45% of us are paying nothing in income taxes, our leaders are declaring health care a right just as our freedom of speech, or our freedom of religion???  Our founding fathers would likely be bothered by both our choices for President for their economic policies among other things.

I don’t know who will win on Nov 4th, but as I see it, it won’t be America.