My Weight Loss

Results not typical

Results not typicalI just saw a commercial for one of the many weight loss systems available in the market today. This one will ship the food right to your door and shows several ‘actual customers’ talking about their 50, 60, even 100 lbs weight loss. But there on the screen are those three little words – Results not typical. My favorite was ‘Results atypical’. Atypical? My eight grade English teacher taught me that he was a theist – meaning he believed in a god, as opposed to an atheist which does not. Atypical means not typical – very clever, but I digress.

Results not typical. What if you saw a car commercial with ‘actual customers’ saying “This is a great car, very affordable, reliable, sporty, and fun to drive!” but the small print said “Results not typical”? Would you buy that car? It’s sad to think that while the rest of the world is starving, we are spending billions of dollars to take off the pounds – but its tragic to think that despite that the results are… not typical. Television shows like “The Biggest Loser” tell us that you can lose 30 lbs in a week, while doctor’s tell us that anything over 2 lbs a week is unhealthy weight loss.

My goal this year is to loose 50 lbs, considering that I am about 120 lbs overweight. I pray that at the end of 2008, I can say ‘Results Not Typical’, but for the last several years I keep getting typical results…

My Weight Loss

Bod Pod Results!

Ok – those of you that have followed my trek from the beginning know what the bod pod is – the air displacement body composition test. I started last summer in the middle of my cycling season. I started riding my bike last year to and from work two to three days a week. In all I put about 1500 miles on the bike in about two and a half months.

Anyway, at the end of the summer I weighted in at 291.5 lbs with 169 lbs of lean weight and 122.4 pounds of fat. After my 10 year high school reunion, the riding season was over, it started to get too cold for me to ride to work and the holiday seasons activities began to pick up. At one point I weighted 311.9 lbs! Just before I left for the D-Tour 2007, I weighted 302.8 lbs with 166.5 lbs of lean weight and 136.3 lbs of fat – that’s 45.03% fat!!!

Today I found that 735 miles in two weeks seem to be worth about as much as 1500 miles over three months! Here are the results:

Lean Weight: 166.4 lbs
Fat Weight: 124.6 lbs
Total Weight: 291 lbs

That’s right – I lost almost 12 pounds of pure FAT!!!  WoooHoooo!!!!

My Weight Loss

Help from Rush

I had a big bash last weekend. I went off the diet, and I thought, “All right, this is going to be cool,” and it wasn’t that big a deal. … I didn’t have all that much, but what I did taste, it did not have the sense of nirvana to it that I thought it would.”  — Rush Limbaugh

I was reading Rush Limbaugh’s website and came across this quote regarding his weight loss program. I believe my weight loss issues are because of my diet. I have to get ahead of this – I have to get the weight off. The idea that “nothing tastes as good as been thin feels” is one I haven’t been able to commit to yet… I’m leaving on a cruise today – all you can eat, all day, everyday for the next seven days… doh!