14 thoughts on “Welcome Alexis Carol Sackrider!

  1. Joanne Walter

    She’s absolutely beautiful. Blessings and all the best for your amazing addition to the family.

  2. Kara Miller

    Congratulations Dale & Stephanie. She is absolutely beautiful! From the looks of the one picture she already has quite a pout. Dale… I think you’re in trouble! :)

  3. Christi (Lee) Miranda

    DALE!!!! She is super-D-duper cutie! Congratulations! And I agree with Vera (Kara) your are in BIG trouble my friend!

  4. Papa

    What a blessing! Literally; kids are such a blessing from God. A lot of work…but a big payout. The most important thing you’ll ever do in life is be a parent, nothing else begins to compare. You now have 2 beautiful children and 11 more on the way…in a manner of speaking. I love you guys, and I can’t wait to spend some more time with Lexi.


  5. Charlie Small

    Amazing! I pray that she lives a long a passionate life with the Lord always as her guide and constant companion. Would there be a problem if we send a Redskins cheerleading outfit for her to wear? What about Tony Stewart? Aren’t you guys big Stewart fans :)?

  6. Mark and Mary

    Congratulations to you both. Hey Zander hope that you like your new sister. Grammie Shorey will give you lots of hugs and kisses and Alexis also.

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