Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-27

  • What did U do @Microsoft? Parental controls worked fine – suddenly (likely after an *update*) now requires that I sign in to WTF! #
  • Sitting in the ER… Stephanie is in extreme pain… Not sure the cause yet… #
  • Ekg, xray, ct scan… Pain #
  • I'm ready to be home… #
  • @benhainline kinda… Stephanie was in extreme pain… Just now leaving ER in reply to benhainline #
  • ate a few ounces of cheddar cheese 4 breakfast after a 5mile run – get to the office & have to resist 3 boxes of donuts for a 3 hour meeting #
  • @chrisegg interesting idea – I do get an hour for lunch – what would be 60 bites… I just don't think I have the patience for that! :o) in reply to chrisegg #
  • I know I should have gone for a run this morning – but I just couldn't get myself to go… I'll have to run tonight… #
  • @jkielmeyer I made up 4 it by running 3 miles last night – stayed up late, then I couldn't get up this morning either – the cycle continues in reply to jkielmeyer #
  • @eventbrite I commented on the blog – I see twitter and facebook to be more complimentary than competitive… in reply to eventbrite #
  • @chrisegg I'm basis – but I voted… :o) in reply to chrisegg #
  • Attention @sprint – I DON'T WANT A 7IN TABLET! I'm just itching to pay you monthly for a tablet but you refuse to get one worth buying… #
  • @htc – really? No kickstand for the Evo 3D??? #
  • Hey @rei, this doesn't look like the shoes I ordered… #
  • @AngieAllTheWay I SHARE the fact that I won, GIVE them a hug, and KEEP the winnings! in reply to AngieAllTheWay #
  • Running my second half marathon tomorrow… #
  • I need to fall asleep… I have to be up in 6 hours for a 2 hour drive for a 3 hour race… #
  • Stephanie isnt home,i have 2 b up & on road @ 4am – tonite aiden cries 4 an hr, THEN lexi cries 4 an hr… I had terrible thoughts n my head #
  • On our way…. #
  • 30 mins to go #
  • I'm running 13.1 miles this morning! Lets hope for a great race… #
  • They have pacers! This gal is my new best friend… She is the 2:45:00 pacer… #
  • And we are off #
  • Started a workout with @MapMyRun at 7:02 AM #
  • In progress: Distance 1.00mi, Duration 00:11:18, Pace 11.26min/mi, Speed 5.33mi/h with @MapMyRun #
  • In progress: Distance 2.00mi, Duration 00:25:00, Pace 12.48min/mi, Speed 4.81mi/h with @MapMyRun #
  • In progress: Distance 4.00mi, Duration 00:52:23, Pace 13.10min/mi, Speed 4.58mi/h with @MapMyRun #
  • In progress: Distance 5.00mi, Duration 01:05:40, Pace 13.13min/mi, Speed 4.57mi/h with @MapMyRun #
  • In progress: Distance 6.00mi, Duration 01:19:27, Pace 13.24min/mi, Speed 4.53mi/h with @MapMyRun #

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