Installing swype on HTC EVO

I’m writing this blog post on my phone, something I never thought I would have the patience for due to the input method of a touch screen. But swype enables me to swype my finger over the letters in the word a want to type and like magic it knows what word I meant.

It didn’t come on your EVO by default. In fact according to their website, you only have a few days to get on board for the beta program.

Go to, sign up with a real email address to get a link in your email to download it. I did have some difficulty getting it installed since they email you a link, that you then have to click on from your phone, which then installs an installer (see image). The installer then downloads the actual install which for me failed the first two times I attempted it. I had to uninstall the app and

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uninstall the installer in order for it to then reinstall without errors. In the end, it worked and I understand it is a beta program. Still very worth the efforts!

In interest of full disclosure – I uploaded my post and went to a browser in order to position the pictures where I want them since the wordpress app does not have a wysiwyg editor or the ability to position images – overall however, typing with Swype is truly an intuitive and amazing experience. If you can get it – do it!

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I tried out shapewriter which does the same thing and I loved it but neither of the apps come with the speech to text button that the default keyboard does. I use that a lot. I will switch to the first app that includes it.

FYI: I received the swype “Welcome” email on my HTC EVO but the link in the email took me to a webpage that said “Sorry! This is not an Android phone.” The web page was opening in the native EVO browser. After trying a few things to no avail, I copied the link and pasted it into the Opera Mini 5 beta browser and Voilà! a “Download File” prompt appeared. For some reason the link and the native browser didn’t play nice, strange. After this first hurdle, both the installer and the actual install completed successfully on the first try.

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