Even on an android, Steve Jobs manages to block an app from the market

By now, you already know that Fring no longer supports skype.  Personally I have no use for another “all your chat ids here” app – which is what Fring is when you remove video chat.  They still have video chat, but only Fring to Fring.  If they would add gtalk video chat or yahoo video chat – I would be happy again…

A quick recap of what happened – Fring created a version of their app for the iPhone 4.  iPhone 4 users downloaded it by the thousands because they were tired of hearing how worthless facetime is.  Facetime is great but only works with other iPhone 4 users (just like QIK is only good with other EVO users)… making it worthless!  iPhone gang overwhelm the Fring servers trying to video chat with their Skype friends so Fring removes Skype “temporarily” while they fix their server issues.

In the meantime – Skype decides that they want to own the video chat market on mobile phones and send Fring a notice to not re-enable Skype access.  Fring can no longer connect to skype users and we are left with no video chat feature worth showing off (unless you just want to “Fring” with your iPhone / Evo friends).

Skype may give us a client by the end of the year – but for now, we have nothing… all thanks to the overwhelming traffic created by the iPhone 4.  Thanks Steve Jobs – blocking apps from the iTune market isn’t enough, huh… you have now managed to remove an app from the android market!