I was wrong!

At least I hope so…

Just a quick note to say that I hope I am wrong about the American people’s willingness to elect a Mormon to the office of President. Since Duncan Hunter and Fred Thompson are both out, I strongly feel that Mit Romney is the only chance conservatives have left. A friend recently asked me why I was against Mike Huckabee and the best answer I could give was this –

“I don’t know much about him other than he was a Baptist Pastor, and he wants to go with the ‘Fair Tax’ plan, but Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Lora Ingram, Ann Coulter, as well as many other talking heads that I trust, tell me that he is bad for America and that he is not conservative. *”

Mit RomneyOn the surface, Huckabee seems like he could be a guy I could vote for, but I don’t have the time or the energy to look into every politician’s record that is running for office. As some point, I have to trust some of these pundits to inform me as to what is going on. While I never agree 100% with any of the talking heads I’ve listed above, I do tend to agree with all of them on quite a few issues – and when they all say the same thing – I have to pause and take note. They all seem to agree that Mit Romney is the only conservative choice left in the race for GOP nomination.

Rush Limbaugh recently said this on his show,

“I think now, based on the way the campaign has shaken out, that there probably is a candidate on our side who does embody all three legs of the conservative stool, and that’s Romney. The three stools or the three legs of the stool are national security/foreign policy, the social conservatives, and the fiscal conservatives.”

His website is quoted as saying “The choice is clear, but the decision is yours”. I have to agree. If you look back at my earlier post regarding Fred Thompson verses the rest of the Republican playing field, you will see that I didn’t believe Mit Romney had any chance of winning the general election – I’m still not sure that he does, but I am sure that if McCain is the nominee on the Republican ticket, we are in for a rough four years.

* On another note, I recently learned that Huckabee suggested that the reason Mit Romney is picking up in the polls is because of “the fact that Bain Capital owns a major stake in Clear Channel and is on Sean’s network, that maybe there’s a correlation.” Either Huckabee was outright attempting to deceive people, or he is completely ignorant – Mit Romney is no longer associated with Bain Capital, Bain Capital doesn’t own Clear Channel (yet), and Sean Hannity isn’t contracted with Clear Channel – only a few of their channels even carry Hannity.


Thompson’s Out

Not much news here since I’m sure you already know – Fred Thompson is out.  Many people believe he was actually running to be selected as V.P. for the eventual nominee.  I don’t know, but I did find myself disappointed and disenfranchised.  The strange thing is that he didn’t endorse McCain whom he has been friends with over the years.  Is it possible he didn’t want to put off Romney from choosing him as a veep?

Well, as I said in my last post – I am hopeful, just not for the GOP.  Who knows, maybe Romney will take the nomination and the Christian conservative Bible Belt voters will over look his Mormon faith.  And if he picks up Thompson as veep, maybe we will actually have a chance at the next four years not being Hilary socialism… maybe.


Disappointed, but hopeful…

Well, the numbers are in and South Carolina picked John McCain as their candidate of choice. Second choice was the real disappointment for me – Mike Huckabee.  Fred Thompson came in third place with 16% of the vote.  Most of the news networks are predicting that Thompson will drop out.  He may but if so, he isn’t showing his hand just yet.  Is that why I’m hopeful?  Nope –

My future is secure and whether we get a Demicrate or a Republican in office one year from now – this Nation will survive… and so will I.  I find hope in my faith not my government!