$40K in theft and damage to our Church!

My church ( was broken into Saturday night!  There was however no sign of a break in, leading police to think the perpetrator may have had a key.  Several flat panel TVs were taken, about $3k in cash from a safe, and several thousands more in equipment and instruments.  In addition to what was taken, several systems were damaged or destroyed, including a large flat panel TV that the crook or crooks couldn’t get off the wall.  They attempted to take the safe entirely, as was evident by the large holes in the wall around the safe, but gave up and pried it open with a crowbar.  The book store was ran sacked as well.  It seems the motive was more than monetary due to the amount of senseless damage that was done.

Despite the break in, church services were held Sunday morning as scheduled.  Our pastor (Rev Paul Owens) said on the local news broadcast, “I hope they find what they are looking for”.  Sunday morning we focused on our worship, our faith, and our God – but not on the damage.  Its difficult for me to understand what would motivate someone to do this to a church.  I grew up with a respect for the things of God – not just my church or the churches that follow my faith – but all places of worship.  I was taught to treat ministers as well or better than you would a policeman, fireman, or the President of the United States – even if you disagreed with them, you showed them respect.

I too hope those responsible find what they are looking for… but I must admin, I also hope the police find them as well…