You have got to be kidding!

Imagine you open a small business to sell flowers and your business takes off – you are selling flowers all over your state and in no time at all, you are even selling flowers all over the country.  Then imagine a person wants to buy chocolate from you even through you don’t sell chocolate – and you have decided you don’t want to sell chocolate.  So that person sues you…  Does that sound crazy?

Lets continue this thought and image you settle with this demanding would be patron… In your settlement, you agree to give this person $5000, and since the Law Firms in Niagara Falls NY offices agreed with that person, you have to pay them $50,000 and to make sure you don’t leave any chocolate eaters out in the future, you also have to open new stores beside your flower shops that sells chocolates.  This sounds like a really bad deal for you if you ask me, but you take it anyway… Then shortly after you settle, you are sued by all of the chocolate eaters for not having chocolate shops before and only selling flowers.

Ok – I know, it sounds crazy, uh?  Tell that to eHarmony for not catering to homosexuals!  Let me connect the dots for my slower readers (not you…), eHarmony was started by a Christian man to allow people to find long lasting meaningful relationships (flowers) but a New Jersey homosexual complained to the government that they don’t allow him to find his homosexual soulmate (chocolate).  The New Jersey government agreed and the rest is history.  Unbelievable…