My Thoughts on How the Libertarian Party Could Win the Presidential Election (eventually)

The country is ready for a third party and I believe that is the Libertarian Party – but if they don’t stop the current course, they aren’t going to be the party they can be!

My strategy is simple – Give up the short game for a longer term plan. Stop trying to win an election that you know you won’t win. Instead win over significant portions of the popular vote in a manner that clearly doesn’t change the current election results.


Get out NOW! Look, people want a third party but simply don’t believe a third party can win. So when Ross Perot takes enough votes from George H. W. Bush to cost him the election and Ralph Nadar takes enough to cost Al Gore the same spot  – people get angry.

If the Libertarian Party is going to be America’s preferred 3rd option – they have to win the public first, then they can win elections

Every year I hear people tell me that I’m throwing my vote away because I’m voting third party. Every year someone gets actually upset at me because “people like me” are going to “give” the election to the other guy.

If the Libertarian Party is going to be America’s preferred 3rd option – they have to win the public first, then they can win elections. There are so many states where pulling a significant amount of votes won’t change the presidential election results but would change the public’s opinion on the ability of a Libertarian to win.

As long as people feel like voting 3rd party will put the greater of two evils in office, 3rd party candidates cannot win.

Go BIG in BIG states other candidates have secured

States like California, New York, Texas have large populations and the goal is to gain enough of the popular vote to get the nations attention.

In a Red state, I would run ads that talk about issues that matter to the Blue voters (and vice versa for Blue states and Red voters). Use what’s already in the mind of the population anyway by running slogans like “If you vote Blue in this Red state, you are throwing away your vote! Vote Libertarian instead!” and “Sick of the two party system?  Then opt out, vote Libertarian!”. My personal favorite, “Voting for the lessor of two evils, is still voting for evil! Vote Libertarian instead!”

Go BIGGER in SMALL states other candidates have ignored

We won’t win the next election cycle – but we could win a few states. States like Alaska and North Dakota, South Dakota, and New Hampshire don’t get the attention of the other two because even in a swing state, these places just don’t have enough electoral votes to matter. But winning a few states would matter a great deal to the Libertarian party.



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  • I guess the rule of law doesn't matter to republican's as much as I thought… via @youtube #
  • I've said it before, but it bears repeating: All laws should be moral, but not all morals should be laws #

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