Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-13

  • Not weighing yourself down: by Albert Tubbs: I had a good day today. My biggest problem was fighting the urge t.. #
  • The Worst Part of this diet is that I’m always full: I’m serious – the worst part of this diet is t.. #
  • The wind is so loud whistling through this house that the kids can't sleep… #
  • To everyone in my traffic lane, I'm sorry… Its my fault we are the slow lane… #
  • @jasonrfisher I knew you of all people would reply that… :o) in reply to jasonrfisher #
  • That’s not how I remember it!: I was recently listening to a Duke University research podcast that talked about.. #
  • @rejuvesite good to meet you… #
  • late for work – waiting on jeans to dry… #
  • My old friends need a divorce! By Albert Tubbs:
    Enjoy every bite of food. Focus while you eat and eliminate di.. #

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