Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27

  • Quick! I am sane now. Every night I am sane. If only I could get out of this enchanted chair it would last. I should be a man again. – Lewis #
  • turning 32 on Saturday – is it time for the mid-life yet? #
  • IQuitAgain: Uninvited Guest: Seemingly out of nowhere, he appeared.  I noticed him.  He was sitting o.. #
  • calling all website owners – this is a MUST READ – its short and worth your time – #
  • sittin' at @Chick_fil_A, trying to get some school work done, but I keep getting distracted by work… (oh, and twitter/FB…) #
  • I just don't get why people bother tweet'ing that they are heading to work… lets talk about it after I get home from work, I gotta run… #
  • getting older isn't whats bothering me – its setting goals for the next year my life & finding they are the same goals I've had 4 the last 5 #
  • I was close 2 switching every1 over 2 my google voice # but they don't support MMS… no pics? how did u iphone peeps do it for so long? #
  • Thanks @cdshorey – I needed this! #
  • one of my favorite songs right now… Black Eyed Peas "I got a feeling" #
  • apparently I have traveled over 584Million miles in the last year… I plan to do the same this next year of life… #
  • did you know that @Chick_fil_A was on twitter? #
  • 32 yrs: planning my 2nd 1000mile bike tour, will finish IT degree, about 2 set debt paydown goals… not even going to touch weight goals… #

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