Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-23

  • know anyone that needs a website? Send 'em my way… #
  • #fact — I'm taking on new clients looking for website work… #
  • does anyone know where to get the new Google OS? Ok, I know its not 'available' yet, but someone has to be on beta by now… #
  • 666 followers on twitter… does that mean my twitter account won't go in the rapture… #
  • if you develop on wordpress – or just use wordpress for your website – you should follow @wpdevel #Follow Friday #FF #followfriday #
  • @jasonrfisher lol – I have never heard URL referred to as earl… in reply to jasonrfisher #
  • @jasonrfisher I was wrong regarding FF – w3schools has them at over 47% but wiki has them in the low 20's and IE over 60%… in reply to jasonrfisher #
  • From a user experience, Chrome is the best web browser available, but as a web developer, FireFox still has much needed features over chrome #
  • I think Microsoft should be concerned about Google's OS… I plan to install it as soon as I can get my hands on it… #
  • Just saw District 9 – I want my money back! #
  • @vinrocyadig they were trying to a some point that was lost on me, gratuitous violence abound, the hero of the story is an idiot, ending sux in reply to vinrocyadig #

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