Social Networking is driving me CRAZY!!!

MySpaceOk, it started a couple of years ago with MySpace – which wasn’t too bad. In fact, it was kind of cool that shortly after I signed up, I was getting emails from high school friends I hadn’t talked to in a while. But recently I am overwhelmed with the number of new social networking sites available .

Linked InLinkedIn popped up as a work related networking site where I can recommend my co-workers as well as get recommendations. I liked that, since it allowed me to keep up with old colleagues – where they work now, what skill sets they have developed since I worked with them, etc. I didn’t mind having to keep up with two networking sites, since they served different purposes – one was social, the other career minded.

My Social Networking PICFaceBookThen came facebook. I ignored it for months and months, but finally succumbed to the peer-pressure. Now I get emails regarding Oregon Trail and someone wrote on your ‘funwall’. I didn’t even realize I had a funwall. Then Plaxo’s Pulse joined the mix. In my Pulse site, I was able to tell it about my facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace sites. Wow – kind of like a one stop shop for all my social networking sites, only now my inbox is flooded with sites I can’t go to from work – and you guys are just networking away everyday adding pictures to each of your pages, updating your emails, contact information, which schools you went to – each of which trigger an email to my inbox that doesn’t tell me what you updated, just that you updated. Plaxo’s PulseI have to actually log into the respective site to see your updates – and again, I can’t do that from work because I get the big “YOU CAN’T GO THERE FROM WORK AND WE HAVE REPORTED YOU TO YOUR BOSS, OUR BOSS, THE CEO, THE NETWORK NAZIS AND THE MOB” error message!

If I get fired for checking out MySpace – I gonna hit you guys up to stay your YourSpace since I won’t be able to afford mine any more… watch for that update on facebook! I gotta go, I just got an email from LinkedIN…

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I understand your frustration, but you could simply go to each site and say that you don’t wish to receive email updates. Please though, far from me to remove a frustration in your life :)

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