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If you aren’t technical – you can skip reading this  article, it won’t make sense and there are a few off color comments in here from me – but I really felt like I should share this wonderful support experience I had with godaddy today for those of us that are technical:

You have been connected to Nyira P. – Server Support.
Nyira P. – Server Support: Thank you for contacting Live Chat support for Virtual and Dedicated Servers. All Live Chat sessions are logged and may be monitored for security and quality assurance purposes. This is Nyira, how can I help you?
dsackr: hi Nyira
dsackr: I have a question about my vded and wordpress
Nyira P. – Server Support: Ok
dsackr: it seems that the permissions are not setup so that the apache user can change files, so my wp-admin page has errors when I attempt to update a page
dsackr: I’m also having issues with ZenCart in a similar way
Nyira P. – Server Support: You would need to check the permissions and then make the necessary changes
dsackr: I changed the owner of the files to be the apache user and it worked – however I don’t want to have to do that step every time I upload a file using FTP since when I upload, the owner of the file is the ftp user
Nyira P. – Server Support: You would be able to do that via SSH
dsackr: is it not possible to have the website run as the user?
dsackr: yes – i know how to do that – I don’t believe I should have to do that
dsackr: is it not possible to make each site run as the user it belongs to?
Nyira P. – Server Support: You don’t have to do that each time, if you configure the server no to change the user
Nyira P. – Server Support: It is possible to do that
Nyira P. – Server Support: However, we do not assist with that type of configuration
dsackr: are you kidding me?
dsackr: WTF
Nyira P. – Server Support: No, I’m not joking
Nyira P. – Server Support: You are the administrator of the server
dsackr: currently, everytime I upload an image to my zencart – I have to go change the permission on it to allow apache to execute it
Nyira P. – Server Support: Ok
dsackr: you guys don’t even have an article on how to do what I need to do???
Nyira P. – Server Support: You may wish to consult a search engine or check an online forum
dsackr: sorry – did you just say “consult a search engine”??? damn!
dsackr: well everytime I search in google about the vds from godaddy – I get articles about how much godaddy sucks — I’ll keep searching through those to find the answer – but most of the articles there start with “switch hosting”
dsackr: that’s all I had – do you guys send surveys like phone support does?
Nyira P. – Server Support: If you would like to cancel your server you can do so at any time and then contact our Billing department to see if there is an applicable refund
Nyira P. – Server Support: Is there anything else I can help you with?
dsackr: doesn’t seem like it
Nyira P. – Server Support: Yes, a survey will appear then the chat is over

Nyira P. – Server Support: Thanks again for using Live Chat, have a good day.

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