Facebook is better than Google for Contacts Management

Have you ever tried to call someone that you haven’t talked to in months just to find out that the phone number you have is no longer in service? Or send someone an email to have it bounce back? Maybe they called or emailed you their new contact information and you forgot to update your contact list and now you can’t find that email (although with gmail its almost impossible to lose an email if you know how to search). A lot of phones now are synchronizing their contact information with online services like Facebook and Google. I’m a HUGE Google fan – I use gmail, google calendar, google docs, google contacts, and google voice. When I got the Palm Pre – I fell in love with its ability to sync with Google services for email, calendar, and contacts. On a sidenote – the Palm Pre doesn’t sync google docs YET… So, as a huge Google fan, why do I think Facebook contacts are better? Its simple – Facebook contact information is managed by the contact. With Google – you have to update your contact list when a contact changes their information. With Facebook, however, when a friend of yours updates their facebook contact information – you automatically get the update. If you have a smart phone like a blackberry, iphone, or the superior Palm Pre – then you automatically get the new number and/or email address right to your phone! There are a couple of cons to this – if your friends don’t put their information in Facebook or forgets to update it when a change occurs, you won’t have their info unless you continue to use another contacts program (like Google). And here is why I wrote this article – now that you see how Facebook contacts is superior to other contact

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management solutions – you will go update your facebook contact information! You may be concerned about security – you have the ability to set who can see your information – you can have family see all of your information while co-workers only see your cell phone number, etc. Tell me – are you going to update your contact information today? Tell your friends too!

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