Way before I ever heard of WordPress

I just wrote the asp page I used to post this journal entry. I am very excited about it because I was able to get it to work correctly. I wanted to show Stephanie but she was already in bed (it is after 1am and tonight we move the clocks ahead one hour, so it’s really after 2am).

I still have a few kinks to work out (like multiple entrys for the same day for one, and spell checker is on a wish list) but I hope this will encourage me to keep my journal more often. Well, it’s late, and I am exhausted. Good Nite…

Later, Same Day…


Ok – Church was great, but I was only at the last 20 minutes of service. I watched the rest of it from the internet. I wouldn’t have gone for the last bit of it, but I was supposed to get a racoon trap from Bro Canfield. He had a meeting he had to attend, so I am now rescheduled for this after noon.

Anyway, as you can see I got the multiple entries for the same day figured out. I also decided that this is going to become my Bible Journal, so I can put my thoughts online and not just in email.

Now I would like to make the whole journal searchable, and I would like a reply your thoughts page that links to my journal and allows others to reply.

Let’s not forget, I also want to add a spell checker!

Man, talk about scope creep…