Random Thoughts on a Nice Day

Today is a beautifull day! it’s about 61 degrees, the sun is shinning, and I am working outside. Well, ‘working’ might be too strong of a word. :-)

Anyway, I truly want to keep up with this whole journal thing (that’s why I wrote this page) so I thought I would stop by. Not much currently on my mind I guess – work is still work, church is still church, and water is still wet. But still, I sit here while I should be working and ponder my reasons for staying in Ohio, at Safelite, attending World Harvest Church. I want to be ministering – well ‘ministering’ maybe too strong of a word. There are many ways I would be ministering right here where I am at but I don’t. What I could mean is, I want to be preaching from a pulpit. I enjoy speaking in front of people and I haven’t had an outlet for that since I left drama a while back.

I borrowed a racoon trap from Bro. Canfield and was hoping to speak to him about the way I have been feeling lately – distant, even disconnected from the church. I would like to see them add a social outlet for married couples and married w/ kids couples. I would also like to see a college and career age group excluding the bible college students. It’s not that I don’t want them to be ministered too, but they have several social outlets available to them already and they tend to drive away students from other area colleges.

Well, I have to get back to ‘working’ :-)

Type at ya later.