Did He Just Say That?

So, I’m in the car (I should have been on my bike, but I’ll save that for another post) and I’m listening to Christian radio.  There is a preacher on and although I didn’t catch what he was preaching on, I did hear him say:

“We must be consistent on a regular basis

WHAT? I thought, sure – we really shouldn’t be consistent on an irregular basis.  This thought really tickled my funny bone until I stopped laughing long enough to consider what I was laughing about. 

Its late (about 1:15 in the morning) and I haven’t typed out all my thoughts on the state of Christian outreach.  I’ll assume the preacher on this station is a good man and that he simply had a ‘GWBush’ moment.  But the moment on the radio underscored my impression of our efforts to reach the ‘lost’.  We don’t sound intelligent, we don’t sound like we understand the message we preach. 

I hear TV preachers and radio preachers and it seems to me that most of the time dedicated to christian media outreaches is spent raising funds so we can be on TV or Radio.  We fundraise so we can continue to pay for our fundraising activities.  I know this has little to do with a preacher that misspoke on a radio program…