Zander Moments

Here are a few Zander moments that you won’t want to miss:


Smells like…

We had just gotten to church and were walking up the sidewalk to service when another group of women all wearing perfumes happened by – Zander sniffed the air a couple of times and stated “Daddy, I think I smell church!”


Too much TV??

Zander spends most church service with the children’s ministry class, but one service when there was no classes I brought him into the main service with me. Zander enjoyed the song service, he sat quietly through the offering, and was truly on his best behavior. Then during the offering, the church started an announcements video loop on the big screens – all scrolling text with upcomming events while the choir sang a lively chorus. Zander looked at the scrolling text and asked “Is it over Daddy?”Zander carving pumpkins


Too Smart for that trick any more!

Stephanie and I trade off putting Zander to bed and he sometimes puts up a fuss about going down. We have a routine like going ‘potty’ and brushing teeth so when we say, “Zander, go potty” at the end of the night, it raises questions like “Am I going to bed?” If we answer with a simple “Yes”, we sometimes face a fit of “But I don’t want to go to sleep” so we often defer him with simple comments like “Not yet, right now you are going potty” Once he is in bed he will ask to stay up or to play. We defer him with comments like, “Well, I will come in a check on you later and we’ll see” and then check back only after we know he has fallen asleep.

One night, Stephanie said to him “I’ll check on you in a bit” to which Zander replied, “Mommy – are you going to check on me when the sun is up?”


New Mommy?

We’ve been telling Zander that he is turning four in a few days. Today, while riding to the store with Stephanie, Zander asked if he was four yet. Stephanie said, “no, its not your birthday yet”. Zander replied “its very exciting” Then Zander thought for a moment and asked “will I get a new mommy when I turn four?”

Stephanie replied “No – do you want a new mommy?”

“No” he replied

“What do you like about your mommy?” Stephanie asking hoping he would say something good

Zander and Lexi“She’s beauuuuuutiful” Zander cooed.


First Window Please…

Stephanie took Zander with her to the grocery store to pick up a few items we needed to finish dinner. “We need to get some food, Zander” she explained. When they got to the store, Zander argued, “I thought we were going to get food mommy, I’m hungry”Arches

“We are getting food, Zander. This is the grocery store – they have food – they have lots of food” she replied

“No mommy, we get food in the car”

Apparently, we have gone to fast food way to often lately.