Looking for my Bod Pod results?

Just a reminder that all of of my weekly weight ins, diet and exercise goals as well as updated pictures of me can be found at the “Weekly Update…” tab:  http://sackrider.org/myblog/weekly-update/

Here are the latest Bod Pod Results: 

BF: 124.4
LW: 169.5
TW: 293.9

I’ve lost 2 lbs of fat and gained almost a pound of lean body weight.  Thats a great trade off.  I had a bad week last week, but I’m not going to let that stop me from pushing on.

Oh, for all of you who have said I should be smiling in my pictures – remember these are the BEFORE pictures… :)

2 thoughts on “Looking for my Bod Pod results?

  1. Karline

    Way to go Dale! See you really ARE gaining muscle weight! Which in turn, as you know, will burn more calories for you…Awesome!

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