my dream – looting a gas station, taking advantage of a friend

I looted, took advantage of a friendship, and put my wife in danger. 

I don’t remember what happened that caused us all to start looting a gas station, but I remember jumping in and taking anything I could.  At first, I was just grabbing the stuff I was already going to buy, but then I thought I might be able to resell some of the stuff I took.  I looked for anything expensive — but its a gas station right.  I grabbed oil.  I went to the car to unload what I had taken, thinking I would just run back in and take even more.  While I was doing that, people all around me were grabbing stuff off the shelves, just like I was.  I remember thinking, “what’s wrong with these people?”  Stephanie asked what was going on when I dropped the stuff I had stolen off in the car.  “Nothing, just start packing this stuff up” I told her.  When I got back to the gas station, the door was locked.  A friend of mine (I have no idea who it was, just that I knew the guy) was inside, wearing a gas station uniform.  He asked what I was doing, I asked him for a two liter of soda pop.  “I can’t, I could lose my job” he said, but I was convincing.  “I just need a drink, man. I won’t be long and look, so much is already gone, what would anyone notice?”  There was someone else in the store with him that I didn’t recognize. He let me in.


Workouts, Weather, and Returning to Volunteering

Hello! It’s Monday nite and I just got home from my workout. I always walk away wishing I had pushed myself more. I don’t have much to say today – Work was ok, the weather was great, and tomorrows another day.

Oh – I don’t remember if I said anything yesterday or not, but I spoke with Bro. Ronnie at the church about getting back involved. He asked me to call him Wednesday so I am looking forward to the call. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Until then…