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I have my light on

If you read my recent post I got hit by a car! then you already know the story behind the title of this post. But to recap – I was recently hit by a car while riding my bike home. It was a very low speed collision and no one was hurt. My bike had some damage, but nothing major. When it happened it was after sunset and at the moment of impact my first thought was “I have my light on!” I even shouted that fact out as I pulled my bike out from under the bumper of the truck. The driver got out of his vehicle and was very shaken by the impact. I can only image what was going through his mind at the moment he hit me. But the question I find myself asking is what was going through my mind. Let me explain what I meant when I shouted “I have my light on” – I wasn’t in shock, I was upset.

I know it was dark but the street was well lit and my bike had my laptop pannier (saddle bag) that is a bright reflective yellow color on the side as well as the fact that I had the required-by-law headlight on the front handle bars. When I said “I have my light on!” what I was really saying is “How did you not see me! I’m 300lbs of mass heading your way AND I HAVE A LIGHT ON!”


Shattered Glass Ups the Bike Toll

POP!Stephanie and I went to pick up my bike tonight.  I was pretty excited to get it back.  It has been tuned up and now has a new computer.  Stephanie was coming out of Target and I was putting the bike rack on the back of the car.  Then out of nowhere – POP! followed by what sounded like Rice Crispy’s Snap, Crackle, Pop.  Small pieces of glass had been thrown in every direction including directly at Stephanie and Zander who were standing directly beside the rear glass at the time.

Less than happy.I looked over and saw the entire rear glass was shattered and the sound of crackling continued.  Stephanie called Dianne while I started to pull the rear glass out piece by piece.  I had gone back into Target to get a couple of trash bags and a pair of gloves.  We both took it in stride but Stephanie was not overjoyed with the situation.  I called Safelite AutoGlass – after 8 years as an employee there, I couldn’t call anyone else, even if I’m no longer eligible for the employee discount.

The window will be replaced tomorrow and the total cost of my bike collision just went up to over $300.  Merry Christmas Us.  Check out the rest of the clean up effort in the picture gallery –

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I got hit by a car!

It happened on the 14th – and I should have written something then, but better late than never…

I was going to ride my bike all the way to and from work that day, but I got a late start. Often when I am running late (i.e. over slept) I just take the car, but today Stephanie had to have the car for a doctor’s appointment. So I offered a compromise that Stephanie would take me and my bike as far as she could on the way to her doctors appointment and I would ride the rest of the way. In the confusion that followed I forgot to get my helmet and gloves. Stephanie took me about twelve miles toward my work — I rode (without a helmet) the other seven miles to work. It was uneventful, except for the fact that I had never taken this route before and there wasn’t a bike lane for most of it. After work, I was not so lucky.