Random Thoughts on a Nice Day

Today is a beautifull day! it’s about 61 degrees, the sun is shinning, and I am working outside. Well, ‘working’ might be too strong of a word. :-)

Anyway, I truly want to keep up with this whole journal thing (that’s why I wrote this page) so I thought I would stop by. Not much currently on my mind I guess – work is still work, church is still church, and water is still wet. But still, I sit here while I should be working and ponder my reasons for staying in Ohio, at Safelite, attending World Harvest Church. I want to be ministering – well ‘ministering’ maybe too strong of a word. There are many ways I would be ministering right here where I am at but I don’t. What I could mean is, I want to be preaching from a pulpit. I enjoy speaking in front of people and I haven’t had an outlet for that since I left drama a while back.

I borrowed a racoon trap from Bro. Canfield and was hoping to speak to him about the way I have been feeling lately – distant, even disconnected from the church. I would like to see them add a social outlet for married couples and married w/ kids couples. I would also like to see a college and career age group excluding the bible college students. It’s not that I don’t want them to be ministered too, but they have several social outlets available to them already and they tend to drive away students from other area colleges.

Well, I have to get back to ‘working’ :-)

Type at ya later.

Way before I ever heard of WordPress

I just wrote the asp page I used to post this journal entry. I am very excited about it because I was able to get it to work correctly. I wanted to show Stephanie but she was already in bed (it is after 1am and tonight we move the clocks ahead one hour, so it’s really after 2am).

I still have a few kinks to work out (like multiple entrys for the same day for one, and spell checker is on a wish list) but I hope this will encourage me to keep my journal more often. Well, it’s late, and I am exhausted. Good Nite…

Later, Same Day…


Ok – Church was great, but I was only at the last 20 minutes of service. I watched the rest of it from the internet. I wouldn’t have gone for the last bit of it, but I was supposed to get a racoon trap from Bro Canfield. He had a meeting he had to attend, so I am now rescheduled for this after noon.

Anyway, as you can see I got the multiple entries for the same day figured out. I also decided that this is going to become my Bible Journal, so I can put my thoughts online and not just in email.

Now I would like to make the whole journal searchable, and I would like a reply your thoughts page that links to my journal and allows others to reply.

Let’s not forget, I also want to add a spell checker!

Man, talk about scope creep…

Feeling down…

It’s late, after 1am.  I am up.  Working on a project for work – something unimportant.  My wife is upstairs in bed.  Why am I working again?  Because I know.  I know that going to bed just brings tomorrow sooner.  And tomorrow brings another 12 or more hours of the same thing today brought.  Nothing.  Emptiness.  Everyday is the same.  It’s like a calendar that is supposed to have a new cartoon on each new day, but for the last several years, I pull off today to see the same cartoon on tomorrow’s page.  Nothing changes.  I’m still not doing what I know I should be doing, I’m still fighting the same flaws, the same thoughts, the same issues, the same temptations.   I’m still failing in the same places.  When will I get it?  Whatever it is, that life has been trying to teach me for the last several years.

The toilet down here has a leak.