Sedona with Grammie Shorey

We drove two hours past countless shopping malls, strip malls, and outlet stores to get to beautiful Sedona so we could…. shop at an outlet store.  I took the day off because we were going to head north to see some of Arizona’s most amazing views – Bell Rock, Snoopy Rock, Courthouse Rock, The Chaple on a Hill, just to name a few.  At least I thought that was why I took the day off.

Actually, I was taking the day off as a baby sitter so my wife could spend the day shopping with her mom.  I don’t mind, really – but we could have stayed in town to shop.  I’m glad we didn’t because of all the pictures I was able to get as Zander and I were off sightseeing during the Mother-Daughter shopping extravaganza.

Check out the pictures I took on the gallery site – I hope you enjoy them.