my dream – looting a gas station, taking advantage of a friend

I looted, took advantage of a friendship, and put my wife in danger. 

I don’t remember what happened that caused us all to start looting a gas station, but I remember jumping in and taking anything I could.  At first, I was just grabbing the stuff I was already going to buy, but then I thought I might be able to resell some of the stuff I took.  I looked for anything expensive — but its a gas station right.  I grabbed oil.  I went to the car to unload what I had taken, thinking I would just run back in and take even more.  While I was doing that, people all around me were grabbing stuff off the shelves, just like I was.  I remember thinking, “what’s wrong with these people?”  Stephanie asked what was going on when I dropped the stuff I had stolen off in the car.  “Nothing, just start packing this stuff up” I told her.  When I got back to the gas station, the door was locked.  A friend of mine (I have no idea who it was, just that I knew the guy) was inside, wearing a gas station uniform.  He asked what I was doing, I asked him for a two liter of soda pop.  “I can’t, I could lose my job” he said, but I was convincing.  “I just need a drink, man. I won’t be long and look, so much is already gone, what would anyone notice?”  There was someone else in the store with him that I didn’t recognize. He let me in. Continue reading “my dream – looting a gas station, taking advantage of a friend”


Ok, I don’t know what I’m doing, and I don’t really have time to do it, but I would like to more consistantly log my thoughts and I believe a blog is a good way to do that. So, soon I will make this blog the default homepage for Until then, I will continue to act like I have time to add new projects (like this one) to my plate.

Blast From the Past: My first attempt at a blog 01/16/2004

Here is the first, and maybe the only entry in this baby journal.  I don’t keep up with things like this, but I hope to.  My wife and I had a baby boy, not one week ago and I want to record a few of the many thoughts, feelings, and actions going on at our house.  Alexander Dale was 7lbs 13oz when he was born.  Watching him come into the world was the greatest miracle I have ever witnessed.  He is everything I could have hoped for and more. 

I know it’s only been a few days and everyone is telling me that I am going to be exhausted in a month – they are probably right, but right now, I’m excited and proud.  Today is the last day I don’t have to go to work.  Monday I go back to life as though nothing is different.  When my mother died, I felt like the whole world had stopped and going back to work was hard.  It was weird to watch everyone going about life as though nothing had happened.  I am having the same emotions now, but for a much more joyous occasion. 

I’ve changed my first diaper, been spit up on, been pee’d at, gotten less then four hours of sleep a day for almost a week now, and yet, I have learned that there is a love greater than I have ever experienced before.  I love God and His love for me is the greatest love I have ever received – I love Zander and My love for him is the greatest I have ever given.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife more than any other human on the planet, but she earns my love everyday.  She puts up with my shortcomings, and picks up after me when I am a slob even though she doesn’t have to and probably shouldn’t.  She does my laundry (mostly for fear that I will ruin my clothes if I do it myself) and she was there when my mother died, she was there when I couldn’t pay my bills, and still found the time to look for my keys when I lost them in my coat pocket.  She earns my love everyday.  But Zander… All he does is sleep, eat, make dirty diapers, and cry just as I started to fall asleep at three in the morning.  Yet, I love him.  I love him with more love than I thought I had in me.  I can’t help myself.  Its as though God is loving Alexander Dale, through me. 

Well, if that is the case, its OK with me.  Until next time…