Day 7: Short Day, Small Town

Today was Day 7. It was a short day with only 57 miles from El Paso to Fort Hancock. I pulled into the motel parking lot at 11:30am. They allowed us an early check in, and we headed to Angie’s Restaurant for lunch. It was a cool little place in walking distance from the motel. Actually, everything in town is in walking distance of the motel – The mini-mart, the gas station, the restaurant, and the motel are all in a 1000 ft radius of each other.

Angie’s was quaint and the food was great, but the service was like all small town life – Friendly but SLOW. After lunch we took a nap at the motel, then headed back over for dinner – the slow service would have likely kept us away from a second meal, but it’s a small town – and like the motel and gas station, this restaurant was the ‘only show in town’. I’m glad we went back because the chicken fried stake was excellent as the sign outside promised it would be.

Tomorrow is going to be long and tough. Its an 80 plus mile day with a lot of climbing. I went 85 miles on day 6, but it was a lot of downhill, unlike tomorrow. We’ll see how that turns out. For the first half of this trip, I put my bike on the car everyday for at least some part of the trip — either too much climbing or I ran out of time. Day 6 and 7, the bike was never on the car – I rode the bike from starting point to stopping point without assistance from my ‘support staff’. I’m hoping to make that a theme for the rest of the trip, but 80 plus miles and a couple of thousand feet of climbing tomorrow may prove too much.

Wish me luck!

Day 6: On the Road again!

Today I reached the half way point in El Paso. I started my day at about 4:45am and finished at about 1:30pm. I rode a total of 85 miles today! In all, I’ve put about 380 miles on the bike. Ok, some of you might be thinking, 1000 mile trip, half way point should equal 500 miles – but it doesn’t. Remember, I already planned to lose miles at some of the steeper climbs, plus day 2 cost me about 30 miles due to rough roads. And don’t forget, I took a much needed day off yesterday.

Anyway, I knew going into this that I wasn’t going to roll into Del Rio with 1000 miles on the bike. I’m going to be happy with whatever the final number turns out to be. I mean, how could I not — I rode my bicycle 85 miles today! I’m having a blast, my legs are stronger than ever, I feel great, and although its a wicked farmers tan, I am getting dark. I only need to work on the tall and hansom part…

Day 2, 3, 4, & 5

Day 2: Booohoooo!!!

The day started great – there was a climb but it wasn’t too much to bear and then there was a lot of down hill. The first 20 miles were great — then I turned off highway 70 to follow the main route around lake san carlos. The road was bearly paved and full of holes — I had a very difficult time over the next 30 miles. There was no cell service, so I couldn’t even call Stephanie to come get me. I thought I broke a spoke on my tire twice, but luckly I did not. After all was said and done, I only got 50 miles on the bike today. I was not happy with the days results.

Stephanie and I found a great camp site next to a lake. We pitched the tent, and went to the lake to cool off. Its dark now and Zander refused to go to the bathroom while we were in town. He asked to go, so I get in the car with him and drive the quater mile to the restrooms where … he doesn’t go. I get him back in the tent and he promptly says – I have to go ukkies!

Day 3 will be better… right? Continue reading “Day 2, 3, 4, & 5”